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  • Level: 3
  • Gigs Won: 3
  • Earnings to Date: $1400
I'm a musician/sound designer/engineer based in montevideo, uruguay. I've started playing piano at the age of 6, then at the age of 14, i've discovered midi and digital synthesizers and started playing and studying them, but I still played studied classical piano. At the age of 18 I've started my studies in musical teaching and at 19, Sound Design. I started teaching at the age of 20, and still teach today. I've finished my Sound Design studies at the age of 22. But, since I was 20, I've been recording, composing, arranging, and making sound design for theatre projects, radio/tv ads, websites, games, etc. At the age of 25, I've started working as a sound designer and composer/arranger/keyboardist at and being the latter a website that sells custom made music for gifts, so I had to learn various styles and genders as well as ways of playing them. 1 year later, I started my own studio where I recorded & mixed lots of albums and EPs for local musicians. In 2012 I've started a website where I sell my SFX collections, stock music libraries and presets for synthesizers.
Work History
Sound design, sound effect collections and stock music creation and production @ | Recording/mixing engineer/keyboard player/producer @ GoofyRecords | Sound design/composer/arranger/keyboardist @ | keyboard player/recording engineer/composer/arranger/producer @
Keyboard player in records of many artists (santiago montoro, √°lvaro fenocchi, francisco pieri, fika bom!, rossana taddei, etc, etc)
Piano & composition studies / Sound Design degree in ORT university / music teacher in IPA / synthesizers and electromechanical keyboards enthusiast.
Special Skills
Expertise in analogue and digital synthesizers, electromechanical keyboards (rhodes, hammond, wurlitzer, combo organs, mellotron, clavinet) and accordion. Very wide range of musical styles and genders.
Software Used
Digital Performer 8, Reason 6, Ableton Live! 8, Waves plugins, Masterworks Plugins, iZotope Plugins, Softube plugins, Soundtoys plugins, Native instruments Komplete and many other virtual instruments.
Hardware Used
Computer: Macbook Pro 13". Interfaces/preamps: Motu 8pre, RME fireface 400, Avalon M5. Microphones: Neumman TLM 103, Blue 8 ball, Blue Kickball, Samson C03, Sm57, sm58, sennheiser 815, Audix D4, etc. Instruments: Nord Electro 3, DSI MoPho, Korg Monotron, Burns B3 Theremin, Hoffman upright piano, Scandalli accordion, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Line 6 variax guitar, taylor and yamaha accoustic guitars, custom made nylon string guitar, custom made electric guitar, Yamaha trb 6p bass, Fender Jazz bass, Roland td9 drums + custom made acoustic drumkit, etc, etc.