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Howard Ellison
Howard Ellison

  • Level: 1
  • Gigs Won: 0
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London UK-born, sound-loving since childhood. Left school early to be Fleet Street journalist. Trained BBC tv Ealing as on-road recordist.
Own small manufacturing biz and patentee. 'Social entrepreneur' in not for profit sector. Full time freelance voice actor, own studio. Arrived!
Work History
Trained Mountview London UK, acting and voice-production; journalist; tech-trained at BBC; Chief Officer of not-for-profits; community radio. Full time freelance voice performer: audiobooks (fantastical, biographical and philosophical), history DVDs, educational and commercial VO. Clients Moonpig, Microsoft launch, Takamo Universe, Britain on Film...
Open University Humanities. Mountview stage training, BBC studio and location skills exam pass. Senior third sector roles with awards.
Special Skills
Authentic BBC-Brit articulation, and numerous characters. Believable recreations: Churchill, Attlee, Attenborough... 'Orc' improv anytime.
Voice post-prod and editing. Adjusting copy to voice performance, if invited to.
Software Used
Twisted Wave, Voxengo, FabFilter & Izotope plugins. ipDTL and Soundstreak production & file delivery interfaces. Hightail dropbox.
Hardware Used
NT1A condenser & Coles ribbon. Safesound pre, iMac 10.8.5 Lion, backup drive, Phonepatch and Skype link. Sennheiser & MS monitoring. Well-padded silent studio.