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The Hartford Situation
The Hartford Situation

  • Level: 1
  • Gigs Won: 0
  • Earnings to Date: $0
I'm a young engineer from Minneapolis, MN. I've recently started cataloging all of my collaborations and compositions with musician brothers Mike Chryssomallis and Pete Clarke to compile a library of sounds worth licensing.
It's my dream to work on the sound design for video games, film and television. As much as I enjoy being in recording studios with artists and bands, my heart belongs to v/o, foley, scoring and editing.
Work History
Freelance Audio Engineer
Live Sound Tech - City of Minneapolis, MN
Lab Tech - Minneapolis Media Institute
Production Assistant
A.A.S. Recording and Music Technology
Avid Pro Tools HD 9 Certified 210M
Software Used
Pro Tools HD 9, Pro Tools 10, Logic Pro 9
Several virtual instruments, amp modelers and effect processors.
Hardware Used
Orange Rockerverb 100
DBX 166XL, 266XL
Audix D6, D4, D2
EV ND/868
Cascade Fat Heads
Shure SM57, SM7b
Neumann KM84i
Sennheiser e609
...the list goes on...
Avid Pro Tools HD (192 I/O's)
Digi 003R
Harrison Series 10B
Solid State Logic 6000 E-Series (w/ bank of 8 G-Series modules)
Vintech 1272