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Novak Cuic

  • Level: 2
  • Gigs Won: 1
  • Earnings to Date: $375
I create my own unique style of music by combining the ethnic and folklore heritage of Serbian people with my own personal interest in epic fantasy and progressive styles. Showing tremendous diversity in genres ranging from action and adventure and thriller to science fiction, I was awarded an SAE Institute scholarship via the contest “Talents 2014” organized by MTV. I am also an experienced guitar player who has been part of several Rock and Hardcore bands.
Special Skills
Epic, orchestral, thriller, horror, ambient, foley, sfx, recording, composing, sound design, post production
Software Used
Protools 12, FL20
Hardware Used
Yamaha O2R96, Soundcraft Ghost, SSL E6000, Avalon, Universal Audio, AKG c414, Sure 57, 58, RE20, Neumann U87, AKG 2000, Rode NT1-A, etc... :)