Tabletop Gaming Project - Orc Feast Source Music

By: BattleBards

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Prize: $500
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  • Gig Description

    BattleBards is working for a high-profile, undisclosed client set to release a new product aimed at the tabletop gaming market. As Audio Producer for this product, BattleBards will create and manage the audio needs required for this product with all final decisions regarding track selection handed off to the client. All Gigs are full Buyout only.

    Gig Summary:
    Now, onto the Gig itself. This track is to be strictly source music, meaning, everything heard is intended to be heard by the characters in the game itself. If score elements are to be added to round-off, enhance, or accent the music, these influences should be kept relatively minimal. The track is intended to create a vivid scene of an Orc Feast or Celebration, showcasing the primitive, brutal, but rich culture of the fantasy’s orc race during a festive time. The track must be no shorter than 2:30 (2 minutes 30 seconds) but longer pieces would be welcome. What’s critically important, and this can’t be stressed enough, is that a vivid, ‘realistic’, organic setting must be created by the talent, illustrated through both sound design and music, an immersive, flowing scene of orcs feasting and orc music being played. Given the nature of the piece, this track is likely to require both thoughtful source music played by believable orc musicians (bards, skalds, etc) with an equally compelling soundscape or layered ambient / accenting SFX’s (details below) in order to better contextualize the scene for the players and Game Master. The soundscape layer or selection of ambient / accent SFX is very important but should not be the primary focus of the track, it should be used to enhance, contextualize, accent, and color the piece, the focus here is authentic, live, orc source music.

    Gig Details - Descriptions:
    Setting’s Environment. The Feast is to take place in an outdoors setting similar to a large military camp or hut village with hundreds of orcs enjoying various activities throughout the camp, most notably, fighting, feasting, contests of strength, and the like, often, with one activity blurring into another. A large or several large roaring fires more akin to bonfires than mundane grills are likely to be heard as spit after spit of animals are brought in for roasting, charred, and devoured. Silverware, utensils and the like are likely non-existent as orcs are not likely to bother with such things, preferring little more than a bench or slab table with copious amount of meat and drink. Any concept of table manners should be completely ignored as orcs feast as they fight, with recklessly. Belching, yelling, and throwing half eaten mutton at a battle-brother accompanied with boisterous laughter and banging on the table is the more common.

    What’s an Orc? We’re going for the widely accepted rendition of the orc common in a majority of fantasy settings. These creatures are cruel, creating a barbaric and primitive society (don’t confuse barbaric and primitive with simple!) where lives are short and brutal. If an orc male does not die in a raid on its neighbors, they usually find their end at the hands of one of their own who coveted the orc’s mate, possessions, or simply to slate the ravenous creature’s lust for blood. And therein lies one of the inner workings of orc society. Because life is so short and brutal, everything is to be enjoyed to the fullest, despite any other consideration. There is no time to think of consequences, orcs live in the moment. Put another way, the mentality of an orc is quite simple, it can be summed up in an unrestrained id. Their minds are similar to a 2 year old’s, they simply want what they want and will do whatever they need to do to get it, without considering anyone or anything else and those wants are usually the 3 “F’s”” food, fighting, and fornication. Their features are often described as “beastlike,” with strong, animalistic qualities emphasized by their large, boar-like canines, their jutting foreheads, their massive muscles, and the coarse hair scattered across their green to grey skin. It’s is very likely the track will feature some form of orcs speaking and yelling to one another. Although it is not required that the words are prominent in the track, meaning, the voice is in the foreground, it is required that all speech be strictly Orcish, no English or any other real language. It is strongly recommended that you review a previous Gig focused on the creation of the Orc Language found here for reference (

    Orc Music? This will require some insight by the talent. In terms of instrumentation, we want to instill a sense of primacy to the culture and thus, selecting instruments that help support that concept are preferred. Various percussions, most notably drums (war drums) are likely to be key given the iconic connection to primitive societies. Horns are another stable likely to find a spot here and even some woodwinds but anything ‘soft’ such as high note flutes would conflict. Even many brass instruments would lean too modern for this group (deep brass instruments, shells, etc are ok) and a majority of strings would be seen as too complex or ‘weak’ for the typical battle-hardened orc (if you put harps in this Gig, you best have a very compelling reason, hehe). Heavy, Orc, male vocals would be a wonderful addition, however, thought as to the beat, harmony, energy, and musical arrangement would have to be given to make sure the ‘song’ comes off as completely ‘orc’.

    Inspiration Reference:
    The following tracks have been identified as providing a good basis for inspiration into the feel, energy, and direction this track requires. Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.

    Shadow of Mordor - Monolith Productions

    Only the beginning of the video is relevant. The only thing we want to point you to here is the sound of the male orc voice (harsh, savage) and the type of ‘signing’ we might hear in our feast. Note, the orc are speaking in English which is a huge no-no for our Gig plus, there is no music. Again, this is simply to provide an example of the register and tone of some orc feast signing.

    Blizzard Entertainment – World of Warcraft

    Although all of these tracks are scores (remember, ours is source so BIG differences here) for the most part, these tracks do an absolutely outstanding job showcasing the primal, savage nature of the orc both through orchestration and to a lesser extent, instrumentation.


    Although the Gig was for an entirely different purpose, we have created orc source music before to great effect. Although this Gig called for much less music than soundscape, a good idea of instrumentation, voice, and tone can be found in this previous Gig.

    If you know of a piece that you think carries with it what we’re trying to convey and you’re wondering if it’s a good source of inspiration, let me know and I’ll take a listen and provide some feedback.

    If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it, don’t be shy. We can’t wait to hear how you bring this orc feast to life!


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