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Seriallab Studios

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Spencer Bambrick is a fresh and innovative voice in the audio production industry. His music can be heard across various platforms including PC games, TV commercials, iOS apps, short films, and concert music. His soundtrack for The Legend of Fat Ninja was nominated for multiple G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) awards. He is currently working on his first feature length film.

Spencer’s background in classical and contemporary concert orchestration inspired him to earn his Master’s Degree at SUNY Purchase where he worked with talented musicians, producers and composers. Although he is classically trained, he is constantly inspired by sound design, and is always looking for new ways to produce unique sounds and instrumentation.

Spencer’s experience in the industry has furthered his belief that music, out of all the art forms, has the strongest link to human emotion. He first experienced this while playing Final Fantasy and Zelda as a child. To this day he pursues that same connection to human emotion in his own music.
Work History
Composer/Sound Designer for many games and films
Bachelors degree in music theory and composition
Master's degree in studio composition
Special Skills
Music Composition
Sound Design
VO/Dialogue Editing
Software Used
Logic Pro
Native Instruments
Vienna Ensemble Pro
Hardware Used
Mac Pro
Custom Slave PC
P-Solo Preamp
Solidtube and various condenser mikes