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Nishant Pawar

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Nishant Pawar is a film and video game Composer and Sound Designer who specializes in working with high quality sample instruments to create realistic orchestral, electronic and hybrid soundtracks and sound effects.
He started composing music at a young age, experimenting with ideas on the piano. Having collaborated with many filmmakers and game developers worldwide, Nishant is currently working on Artemis : Legacy and G-Xiii, 3D Films currently in production. He has also worked on a number of video games as a composer and sound designer.
He worked as music composer for the cancelled Gundam : Genesis project.

Nishant currently studies in a Med School. In his spare time, he likes to play the violin, ride the bicycle, play video games and loves outdoor recording sessions. He is a huge fan of Formula 1.
Work History
Composer :
b. Artemis Legacy
c. Gundam : Genesis (Cancelled)
d. A number of video games. Please check my website

Sound designer for a number of video games.
A med school student
Special Skills
Orchestral and electronic music composition using top of the line instrument libraries.
Sound design incl outdoor recordings.
Video game audio implementation
Software Used
Pro Tools, Logic Pro, EW Quantum Leap Instruments, Kyma.
Hardware Used
Sound devices 702T
Rode NT4, NT5, NT1, Classic
Rode NTG2, NTG3