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Devan Marotta
DJM Studios

  • Level: 1
  • Gigs Won: 0
  • Earnings to Date: $0
I am a professional sound engineer and freelance music composer with a specific interest in creating rich musical backgrounds for video games.
I've received a variety of awards for my Classical Guitar playing and have had music placed on HBO.
I personally enjoy video games and find their environment to be the best medium for music.
Work History
Sound Engineer with Beachside Productions.
Music Purchased and placed on HBO's Vice News show.
Studied music since age 6, starting with Classical Guitar.
Well versed in Logic Pro X.
Have worked in technology startup company and enjoy working closely with development teams under short deadlines.
Special Skills
Classically trained music background.
Passionate for exotic instruments and "world music".
Great communicator.
Work best under aggressive deadlines.
Software Used
Logic Pro X, Alchemy Synthesizer, Massive Synthesizer, Izotope Ozone Mastering Suite
Hardware Used
MacBook Pro, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo, Presonus Studio Channel pre-amplifier, Novation Ultra Synthesizer, AT4041 and SM57 mics.