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Edwyn Tiong

  • Level: 2
  • Gigs Won: 1
  • Earnings to Date: $300
As a Malaysian-born Chinese who moved to Australia then to New Zealand then back to Australia again, Edwyn Tiong possesses a uniquely accented voice that can be best described as "American with a hint of everything".

Specialising in creating unique and memorable characters, he can switch from being the calm, coolly distant type, to the silly and weird comic relief, to the viciously ferocious uncaged monster and back again. This versatility has seen him star in a over a hundred web animations and video games.

He also has a calming, intelligent and confident voice that's well suited for audiobooks, educational and instructional videos, commercials and business presentations.

His latest work can be heard in the hit indie game "Dust: An Elysian Tail" (where he plays the character Fuse), "Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp" (where he plays Detective Grimoire himself!), "Conspirocracy" (where he plays the main character David Poulson), "Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok" (Alviss; Andvari) and the upcoming "Freedom Planet" (The Royal Magister). He is also the official voice of Leo from the animated versions of "VG Cats" webcomic series and Joe from "Guinea Something Good" webcomic animated series.
Work History
Has 10 years of experience voicing for independent online projects such as web animations, video games and audiobooks.

Experienced in sound mixing and engineering for audiobooks and radioplays.

Client list:
Anthony Kreid Price ("Oddball")
Chris Niosi ("Go Go Parody Rangers", "Tome", "$00pah NiN10doh!")
Jeff Mumm ("Guinea Something Good")
Life.1 Entertainment ("Xin", "Kazahana: Family Mass Battle", "Record of Dragon Burial")
Toonwerks ("Legend of the Black Book", "Wonders of the Universe")
White Radish Studio ("Drowtales Anniversary Specials", "Demon Painter")

Drowtales Studios ("The Life of a Vloz'ress Soldier", "Char", "Alstrat's Journal")

Ben Chandler ("Eternally Us") ("Legacy of Pliskin")
Calin Leafshade ("The McCarthy Chronicles", "Eternally Us")
Godlimations ("Trapped", "Amea", "Zombie Inglor", "Vorago")
Grundislav Games ("Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator")
Hans Van Harken ("Ace Pilot")
Humble Hearts ("Dust: An Elysian Tail")
In Excelsis Studios ("Nuclear Unicorn Force")
Off Topic Productions ("The Nameless Mod")
Paradox Interactive ("Dungeonland")
Raitendo ("You Only Live Once")
Rhete ("Hunters: Relic of Stars")
sakevisual ("Yousei")
SFB Games ("Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp")
Shinki Productions ("Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe")
Wing Commander Saga ("Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn")
Software Used
Adobe Audition 3.0
Hardware Used
Blue Yeti USB microphone, Sony MDR-7506 headphones