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Wes Devore Music

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Hi, I’m Wes Devore, a composer and sound designer for video games and movies! Before devoting myself to this crazy and awesome career, I was in school working to become a professor of composition. However, I knew that I loved video games and films way too much to not make that my full-time career. Now I am able to score games and films full-time, and It’s pretty nuts!

I’ve worked incredibly hard learning to write all styles of music: action/ adventure orchestral, epic orchestral, electronica, folkish, 8-bit, world, jazz and more! That being said, I enjoy working on all genres of games: horror/ suspense, epic fantasy, platformers, action/ adventure, puzzle games etc. For my video game work, I also do sound design, creating everything from footsteps and sword-clashes to ambiences. I manage full audio projects from beginning to end, taking responsibility for the creation, production and implementation of all audio assets.

I think that music and audio in games and films can shape and elevate the emotional sphere of the plot. One of the reasons I love scoring is that I can reveal a new dimension of the story.

I love hearing about new ideas for projects so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want some music/ sound design!
Work History
Composer for upcoming PBS Documentary 2016
Composer for You're So Funny (short film)
Composer for Minions of Death (game)
Bachelor's of Music, Composition; University of Denver
Summa cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa Lambda,
Graduate work at McGill University
Special Skills
Composer for game and film music (any genre)
MIDI programming
Sound Design
Software Used
Logic X
Hardware Used
Mac Pro