SFX - Evocation Spells (20 Spells)

By: BattleBards

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Prize: $550
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  • Gig Description

    Evocation Spell Effects

    Built off of the tremendously successful Realmsound Project, BattleBards ( is the premier provider of the best tabletop gaming audio. Through the careful selection of audio projects, talent, and tracks, the BattleBards catalog has become the gold standard for a growing market in tabletop gaming music, soundscapes, sound effects, and voiceovers.

    In this Gig, we will Buyout one track in full and offer licensing to promising auditions for listing on the BattleBards platform. Licensed tracks will be offered for non-commercial sale as well as included within the popular streaming subscription service, earning the artist royalties in both revenue models. We count over 200 professional composers, sound designers, and voice talent as contributors and it’s our mission to open up the tabletop gaming world as a fun and lucrative pursuit for artists the world over.

    Sound Effects have always been a popular item on BattleBards, frequently topping the charts in terms of transactions and plays. This gig seeks to respond to that demand with a massive series of burning, shocking, melting, and blasting spell sound effects.

    This Gig is specific to Evocation Spells which is the type of magic wizards rely on the annihilate their enemies. Commonly using the elements for fire, electricity, cold, acid, and raw energy, these spells tend to be flashy displays of power focused on destroying opponents in violent fashion.

    This audition requires AT LEAST 20 separate spell effects out of the possible list of spells posted here. With regards to sound effect length and sophistication, the general rule of thumb to follow is the higher the level of the spell, the longer total length as well as complexity. Please submit just one track containing all spell SFX and make sure the name of each spell in order as they appear on your track using “Note to Client”.

    Individual track lengths:
    Whereas Level 0 spells are the introductory magics wizards learn to put down some errant goblins, Level 9 spells are epic displays of such power that its effects often reshape the very land or are otherwise felt for years. Typically, spells from Level 0 to Level 3 range from 4 to 6 seconds, spells from Level 4 to 6 range from 6 to 9 seconds, and spells Level 7 and higher can go from 10 to up to 30 seconds. These rules are only meant to be general guidelines and there’s plenty of room to come in higher or lower. Do not try to cut off a trailing rumble or after effect just to meet some kind of time cutoff, allow each spell to fade organically.

    Spell Specifics:
    Each spell should consist of some short magical windup and execution. There should not be any sort of presence from the caster, meaning, no magical words or incantation. There is an exception. Some spells do have vocal components that are a part of their casting or manifestation. Ideally, the vocal components will be as ambiguous as possible, with no clearly identifiable 'word' being understood, to allow for the SFX's application to as wide a range of casters as possible. For example, for the spell "Castigate", unclear words that sound something like Latin (because we all know that Latin is the archetypal magic sounding language) can boom out with authority with a thematic background of thunder and rumble. To provide an illustrative example, the words we hear spoken in the track "Recitation of His Laws" by Raphael Bellamy on BattleBards provides some wonderful inspiration of what that can sound like.

    Similarly spells like "Hymn of Praise" and "Dirge" where we're not dealing with words but rather singing are part of the casting and need to be included. The same track by Raphael Bellamy provides an interesting basis for this as well!

    Spells should also not include the sounds of whatever creature is on the receiving end. Each SFX should consist only of the sounds the spell makes as it is being created and its effects occurring.

    For an example of current SFX on offer in this category, please visit this link. Review of these tracks are strongly encouraged.

    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.

    Why ask artists to selects spells from a wider list?
    Given demand, there’s a need to expand this album which is already on offer. We want to ensure that artists who already have submissions for this album are able to offer unique spells for consideration. In addition, artists have varied talents and with the focus on producing the very best audio possible, we would like to give artists some freedom of choice.

    Will my audition be judged based on the spells I choose?
    No, make sure you select the spells you feel you can best create and have the most fun doing it.

    Can I submit more than 20 spells for consideration?
    Yes, however, please note that you will not be given any special consideration for offering more than 20 SFX during Buyout deliberations. However, including more than 20 SFX will allow you to submit a greater list of tracks on the BattleBards platform for licensing should an offer be extended without needing to go through the Open Audition process. If you are offered the Buyout and have more than 20 tracks on your audition, we will choose 20 to purchase and offer you a license for the remaining.

    If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it, don’t be shy. We can’t wait to hear how you bring this scene to life! Good luck!!!


    The following is the name of each spell and a brief description arranged from lower level (less powerful) to higher level (overwhelmingly powerful). There’s a great deal of creative license to be had so be sure to make each spell your own.

    ---- LEVEL 0 ----
    Flare: A sudden burst of light in front of a creature, dazzling it for some time

    Ray of Frost: A ray of freezing air and ice projects from the caster’s pointing finger

    Sonic Snap: The caster barks the last word of the spell, and that word takes life, streaking toward the target and exploding in a shout.

    Spark: The caster is able to make a small flammable object catch on fire by showering it with a small electrical discharge

    Light: The caster causes an object to glow with the light of a lit torch

    ---- LEVEL 1 ----
    Burning Hands: A cone of searing flames shoots from your fingertips

    Ice Dagger: The caster creates a crystalized daggerlike shard of ice that then flies at the enemy, exploding in a ball of icy fragments

    Magic Missiles: This spell summons forth a small collection (anywhere from 1 to ½ dozen) bolts of raw magical kinetic force which zero in on their target around obstacles until they impact with concussive force. This SFX will require some imagination and staging (creation of the bolts, streaking toward their unlucky target, and the blasts they make). Since the surface the missiles will be impacting is unknown (the monsters could be wearing different types of armor) the blasts will need to be kept ‘surface neutral’ in this regard.

    Thunderstomp: The caster stomps their foot against the ground or floor, creating a ripple of power that is used to knock opponents off their feet.

    Shocking Grasp: Your hand erupts in arcing electrical energy which when striking an opponent, discharges violently

    Ear-Piercing Scream: The caster unleashes a powerful scream, dazing the opponent.

    ---- LEVEL 2 ----
    Aggressive Thundercloud: A crackling, spherical storm cloud flies in whichever direction the caster points, striking out with strokes of lightning as it travels

    Blast of Force: Drawing upon magic in its purest form, the caster sends invisible energy whistling through the air

    Fire Breath: The caster is able to belch forth a cone of searing flame

    Flaming Sphere: A burning globe of fire rolls in whichever direction the caster points, burning those in its way

    Force Sword: The caster creates a gleaming sword composed entirely of energy.

    Gust of Wind: The spell creates a sudden and severe blast of air (approximately 50 mph), bowling over all in its path

    Scorching Ray: The cast blasts enemies with a concentrated searing beam of intense fire

    ---- LEVEL 3 ----
    Blade of Pain and Fear: A three-foot-long column of disembodied gnashing teeth springs forth
    from the caster’s hand.

    Call the Void: The spell surrounds the caster with an aura of nothingness, even preventing anyone caught in the area from breathing

    Diamond Spray: A cone of tiny, sparkling slivers as hard and sharp as fled diamonds springs from the caster’s fingers at tremendous speeds

    Distracting Cacophony: The air fills with loud and discordant noise, making concentration difficult.

    Fireball: Perhaps the most iconic of all blasts in darn near every fantasy game ever made. In this case, we're looking for a hurling of a sphere of fire that flies through the air and then detonates in a fiery explosion.

    Hydraulic Torrent: The caster calls forth a powerful stream of water that batters all creatures and obstacles in its path.

    Hymn of Praise: Your heart light and joyful, you feel a sense of optimism as you launch into an inspiring melody.

    Lightning Bolt: Another gaming staple, the projection of lightning. Unlike Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars, this isn't a sustained blast of lightning. It's a quick powerful discharge, much like a natural lightning strike.

    Sound Lance: The caster unleashes a shrill, piercing cry at a target, which takes the barely visible form of a translucent lance hurtling through the air.

    Wind Wall: An invisible vertical curtain of wind appears. It is 2 feet thick and of considerable strength. It is a roaring blast sufficient to blow away any bird smaller than an eagle, or tear papers and similar materials from unsuspecting hands.

    ---- LEVEL 4 ----
    Ball Lightning: The caster creates two globes of lightning that fly in whichever direction you indicate.

    Castigate: Shouting the caster’s deity’s teachings, the caster rebukes her foes with the magic of her sacred words.

    Detonate (Acid): The caster builds within himself a massive amount of acid energy. After a delay of a couple of seconds, the energy is released in a sudden, violent explosion.

    Detonate (Cold): The caster builds within himself a massive amount of cold energy. After a delay of a couple of seconds, the energy is released in a sudden, violent explosion.

    Detonate (Electricity): The caster builds within himself a massive amount of electric energy. After a delay of a couple of seconds, the energy is released in a sudden, violent explosion.

    Detonate (Fire): The caster builds within himself a massive amount of fire energy. After a delay of a couple of seconds, the energy is released in a sudden, violent explosion.

    Fire Shield: This spell wreathes the caster in roaring flame

    Force Missiles: Like Magic Missiles but upon impact, each bolt explodes in a powerful blast

    Fugue: Upon completing the spell, a discordant cacophony of haunting and alien music rises up in the area designated.

    Ice Storm: Great magical hailstones pound down upon casting this spell with great force, colliding and freezing those unfortunate to be under

    Stone Sphere: The caster tosses the marble in the air, and it vanishes as he speaks the words of the spell. A larger version of the marble, five feet across, appears in the hallway and bears down on all in its way.

    Volcanic Storm: Chunks of hot volcanic rock and clumps of ash pound down when this spell is cast, smashing and burning anyone under

    Wall of Fire: An immobile, blazing curtain of shimmering violet fire springs into existence.

    Wall of Ice: This spell creates an anchored plane of ice

    ---- LEVEL 5 ----
    Darkbolt: With a quick invocation to the caster’s deity, he call forth a nimbus of jet-black night. This terrible radiance, laced with the will of his deity, allows him to shoot black bolts of power.

    Cone of Cold: A large cone of almost unimaginable cold ushers from the caster, freezing solid anything and everything trapped within.

    Lightning Arc: You generate an arc of lightning between two targets. So powerful is the lightning that it can melt metals with low melting points

    Memory Rot: You blow across your open palm at your opponent, and your breath coalesces into a cloud of glowing yellow spores that surround your foe’s head, driving through its scalp into the brain beneath.

    Sending: The cast contacts a particular creature with which you are familiar and send a short message of 25 words or less to the subject. Don’t focus on the words sent but rather on the spell that allows this conduit to be created

    Shard Storm: Translucent shards of arcane energy blast the area designated. In addition to deadly shards, the area fills with the chiming sound of shattering glass.

    Wall of Force: This spell creates a wall of force creates an invisible wall of pure force; immovable and unbreakable.

    Wall of Light: An immobile, blinding curtain of white light that blocks line of sight springs into existence.

    Wall of Limbs: In the distance, the ground is covered in a writhing mass. Over the course of a few seconds, the writhing mass rises up and forms a wall of thousands of wriggling arms

    Wall of Sound: A translucent barrier of pure sound springs into existence. Once created, this wall is silent except for a faint hum.

    ---- LEVEL 6 ----
    Bolt of Glory: The casters projects a white bolt of hissing positive energy and send it flying to the foe

    Chain Lightning: This spell creates an electrical discharge that begins as a single stroke commencing from your fingertips. Unlike lightning bolt, chain lightning strikes one object or creature initially, then arcs to multiple other targets.

    Dirge: As the caster sings, translucent spectral skulls float down from the sky like falling snow.

    Dinosaur Stampede: Throwing down and shattering a fossil to complete the spell, the caster calls upon potent natural forces and energies, and manifest them in the form of a swath of intangible, spectral, stampeding dinosaurs.

    Enveloping Cocoon: Crushing a caterpillar between your fingers, the caster creates a tight cocoon of himmering blue-green energy around a foe.

    Leashed Shackles: The caster creates shackles of force that attach to the target’s limbs.

    Hellfire Ray: A blast of hellfire blazes from your hands. This blast contains equal parts fire and unholy energy.

    ---- LEVEL 7 ----
    Hungry Darkness: This spell creates an area of intense blackness but also filled with unseen chewing teeth and ravenous maws.

    Ice Claw: The caster finishes this evocation and a great white claw appears before them, cold air wafting off its crystalline surface.

    Prismatic Spray: This spell causes seven shimmering, multicolored beams of light to spray from the caster’s hand. Each beam has a different power.

    Scouring Winds: This spell brings forth a windstorm of stinging sand that blocks all vision.

    Vortex: The caster creates a powerful and immobile whirlpool in any body of liquid large enough to contain the spell’s effect.

    ---- LEVEL 8 ----
    Curse of Night: By touching the ground, the caster curses an area to remain in bleak darkness, as the endless night curse.

    Lion’s Roar: You open your mouth and emit a tremendous roar, a sound like a lion but as loud as a mountain falling.

    Polar Ray: A blue-white ray of almost unimaginably cold air and ice springs from your hand.

    Sunburst: This spell causes a globe of searing radiance to explode silently from a point you select.

    ---- LEVEL 9 ----
    Avatar: The caster gathers the energy of their god within them, filling them with his power and will. The caster doubles in height and is surrounded by a shimmering halo of light. The caster has become the proxy for his deity

    Meteor Swarm: The pinnacle of destructive magic, this spell calls four 2-foot diameter spheres to rain down from above with earth shattering force, annihilating everything in the area.

    Reality Maelstrom: A lightning strike and a tearing sound as loud as thunder fills the area as a hole in space opens. Wind rushes into the void, and objects nearby lift into the air as everything is drawn inexorably toward the rip in reality.

    Ride of Lightning: The caster transforms into lightning and instantly travels in a straight line for a short distance, rematerializing in the new location

    Winds of Vengeance: The caster surrounds themselves with a buffeting shroud of supernatural, tornado-force winds.

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    Artists will be given full credit for every track purchase or licensed.

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