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    BattleBards Creative Brief

    Monsterscape - Gnoll
    Built off of the tremendously successful Realmsound Project, BattleBards ( is the premier provider of the best tabletop gaming specific audio ever created. Through the careful selection of audio project, talent, and tracks, the BattleBards Listing is quickly becoming the gold standard for a new market for gaming music, sound effects, soundscapes, and voiceovers. BattleBards will provide gamers not only world class audio content but the digital tools needed to implement said audio in their games practically.

    BattleBards will Buyout one track in full and may offer licenses to promising auditions for listing on the BattleBards platform. Although young, the BattleBards platform is allowing licensed talent to build a fun and lucrative career within the tabletop gaming space with over $10,000 earned by talent after its first month of operations.

    So what’s a Monsterscape? Well, we would like to provide gamers with two audio tracks that can be played highlighting the sounds this monster makes in close proximity. Tracks must be able to loop cleanly and provide a rich, high definition canvas for the creature(s) being featured. A challenge here is to make each track somewhat general, able to be used in a multitude of situations. For example, if you include the sounds of an armor plated warrior rushing headlong towards a group of gnolls, only to be torn apart in an agonizing death, use of this track would be limited to only those situations. Those sorts of specifics destroy the ability for a Game Master to inject this audio in their games so, as with many BattleBards Gigs, talent must dance that fine line between adding enough specificity to make the track interesting and making sure that the piece remains flexible enough to be used in almost any setting the Game Master needs where gnolls appear. A Monsterscape focuses on the creature(s) and ONLY the creature(s) so we don’t want to hear any overt environment influences, other creatures or people. Only the gnoll, their weapons, vocalizations, equipment, their effect on the environment, etc should be the only things heard.

    We are looking for two flavors for this Monsterscape. One track will depict the a gnoll or gnolls in a neutral setting as if a person has sneaked upon the creature. The other track will be depicting the gnoll lunging into combat.

    Passive (Not less than 2:00 in length, longer tracks are not required but welcome): Somehow, the listener has come upon either a single gnoll or a whole pack, without their noticing. The sounds these creatures make while not engaged in combat is what we’re going after and will largely depend on whether you wish to contextualize a solitary gnoll or a group. In either scenario, vocalizations are likely to play a significant role (see GIG SUBJECT below for gnoll language details) which will largely serve as the starkest identification element of the monsterscape. Once you decide on how many you wish depict (1 or many), you need to decide what your gnoll(s) are doing, activities may include but not limited to: conversing/arguing, standing guard, preparing food, hunting, tending homes, scavenging, or anything else one may see a primitive society engage in

    EXAMPLE: For some thoughts as to a passive Monsterscape done really well, check out a wonderfully created previous track here for an Eye-Monster ( and Ghoul (

    Combat (Not less than 2:00 in length, longer tracks are not required but welcome): Gnolls are savage combatants, employing any combination iron weapons such as battleaxes, spears, and bow and arrow. Their favored method of attack is to pounce upon their enemies and rend their flesh with their very teeth, reveling in an orgy of tooth-and-claw bloodletting. Like their real world cousins, gnoll have powerful jaws like steel traps, able to snap bones with a massive bite. As an intelligent species, gnolls vocalize words in their own native language during combat, spewing curses, mocking their enemies, and barking orders to others. For consistency, please use roughly the same number of gnolls in the combat track as you used in the passive track, so, if you decided on ‘many’ for passive, please use ‘many’ for combat. Do not including any sounds or voice of the people the gnolls are attacking.

    EXAMPLE: For some thoughts as to a solid combat Monsterscape, check out ( and Ghoul (

    So what the heck is a gnoll? In a word; savagery. Whereas an orc will raid and pillage your village, a gnoll will do the same and consume your children alive for kicks. Gnolls are large, bipedal half-hyena, half-human, demon worshiping monsters who redefine the limits of sadism. Intelligent, gnolls often form large primitive tribal societies and employ an array of weapons and armor, often scavenged from raids.

    In this Gig, gnoll speech/vocalizations is likely to play a central role. Gnolls have their own language which, as you can imagine, has a strong leaning towards the sounds that hyenas make in the real world. Adapting the real-world hyena barks, snorts, and of course, the iconic hyena laugh is important. Now, to have a language, it can’t all be snorts and laughs. You need to make sure you round out the gnoll language and include a range of ‘words’ composed of guttural, snarls, and grunts. The master artist will find a way to fashion a language with strong elements of structure with heavy hyena influence.

    Please review these materials to get a better understanding of gnoll.

    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell everything that you submit for consideration.
    Most important of all, have fun making these! Own the Gig, own the Gnoll! Talent that enjoys immersing gamers in facing these creatures tend to be the most successful since it often shows in the track. If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it, don’t be shy. Good luck!!!


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