Tabletop Gaming Project - Sound Effect Pack

By: BattleBards

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Prize: $400 Quasi-Professional
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Prize: $400
Gig Rating: Quasi-Professional
  • Gig Description

    BattleBards is working for a high-profile, undisclosed client set to release a new product aimed at the tabletop gaming market. As Audio Producer for this product, BattleBards will create and manage the audio needs required for this product with all final decisions regarding track selection handed off to the client. Selected artists will be credited with the creation of the tracks purchased. All Gigs are full Buyout only.
    The project calls for an assortment of sound effects meant to be played during a key points in the adventure. The most important criteria for selection is the vivid nature of the sound effect. Attention to detail and insight into the particular sound effect heard through nuances in each piece will help to make your sound effect list stand apart.

    - Do not include any spoken words by the caster of the spell.
    - Each should be roughly 6 seconds long with 3 seconds dedicated to the gathering of power and the latter 3 dedicated to the actual casting and effects of the spell. These numbers are not rock solid so you have some wiggle room to shorten or extend each section.
    - Do not end effects abruptly, if your spell has a lingering fade, do not cut off the effect suddenly, allow the SFX to end naturally.

    All other sound effects descriptions that do not explicitly include a desired length have a runtime up to artist discretion.
    We want to stay as clear as possible from campy, 1990’s video game sound effects. Steer towards modern, gritty, and vivid renditions of these SFX.

    (1) Sleep Spell – The caster induces a sudden and overwhelming urge to sleep on multiple targets
    (2) Hold Person Spell – The caster causes the subject’s body to become rigid, holding them in place
    (3) Hold Person (Mass) Spell – Same as above but instead of affecting a single target, it affects half a dozen
    (4) Levitate Spell – The caster causes several targets to float a couple of feet in the air
    (5) Trance Spell – The caster causes anyone looking at the caster to become hypnotized and transfixed
    (6) Animating Skeletons – Summoning unholy powers, the caster imbues skeletons with evil power causing them to assemble and come to life. Total track runtime should be 10 seconds minimum
    (7) Heavy Wood Door Opening
    (8) Walking in Chainmail – The sound of someone walking in heavy chainmail for 6 seconds minimum
    (9) Guttural Orc Battle Cries – A series of distant orcish battle cries (roughly 100 meters away). There should be roughly 6 distinct battle cries with 1 cutting through clearer than the others (the chief). Great tracks will have some variation between the voices.
    (10) Arrow Whistles Overhead – An arrow is shot, flying closely overhead the listener with a distinctive whistle sound showcasing the speed of the projectile
    (11) Secret Door Opening – The sounds of a stone secret door opening. The sounds should be that of stone on stone, either rolling, dropping, or lifting.
    (12) Spear/Shield/Chack – Several creatures near the listener are repeatedly banging wooden spears to wood shields while emitting a guttural “Chack” sound. For context, the scene consists of a group of lizardmen warriors attempting to intimidate the listeners.
    (13) Warning Horn – A booming horn is heard echoing within a vast tunnel system. This horn is meant to alert a tribe to attack and should be booming in register but distant and echoing as the horn is blown from far away. Total runtime should be 6 seconds minimum.
    (14) Sewer Tsunami – Not less than 30 seconds. A massive wave or water and sewage is approaching the listener from far away, eventually reaching the listener in a violent fashion. The key effects here are the sounds of refuse filled water and the panic screeching of rats and insect caught in or running from the tidal wave all with an echo or reverb after effect to highlight the tunnel environment. This should have 4 general stages with one stage seamlessly flowing into another:
    Far - The sounds start off quietly, as a very distant hiss. As the sewage wave approaches, the listener barely starts to make out difference in the sound such as the crashing of the water and frightened animals. A subtle but potentially vivid nuance to add here would be to different between the nearby animals that are starting to get frightened by the coming wave and those distant animals caught by the wave that are in total panic.
    Medium – The hissing turns into a dull roar as the wind ahead of the wave blows past the listener. The sounds of panicked rats are now clearer as is the sounds of crashing water is clear
    Close – Here, we hear the magnitude of this massive tsunami as it slams into the walls of the tunnel a dozen or so meters from the listener. Animals in the area are in complete and total panic.
    Flowing By – The listener is suspended above the tsunami so we need to hear the wave with all of it refuse and animals caught within violently flowing by.
    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell everything that you submit for consideration.
    Most important of all, have fun making these! Own the Gig, own the sound effects! If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it, don’t be shy. Good luck!!!


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    Artist will be credited with creation of the tracks.

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