Tabletop Gaming Project - Inside Moving Wagon Scapes (Short)

By: BattleBards

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Prize: $150
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    BattleBards is working for a high-profile, undisclosed client set to release a new product aimed at the tabletop gaming market. As Audio Producer for this product, BattleBards will create and manage the audio needs required for this product with all final decisions regarding track selection handed off to the client. Selected artists will be credited with the creation of the tracks purchased. All Gigs are full Buyout only.

    Gig Summary:
    Now, onto the Gig itself. The client would like to provide gamers with two audio tracks that can be played highlighting the sounds of riding within a wooden open air wagon, carriage, or cart in a calm, steady, easy speed. We’re not looking to add any people, events, narration, or music, literally, just the sounds of what you’d expect to hear when inside of an open air, wooden wagon as it jostles on two different surfaces. Tracks must be able to loop cleanly (no fades) and provide a rich, high definition canvas for the environment being featured. A little bit of variety in the consistency of the surfaces the wagon is riding on (covered in more detail below) would be great but please avoid anything obtrusive (something breaking, running over a cat, etc). Please upload a single audition with both tracks separated by a brief silence to differentiate the two.

    Gig Details - Descriptions:
    Setting’s Environment. Nothing much to describe here as the setting isn’t all that elaborate. Since pictures can really help illustrate the particulars of the vehicle, please check out the below for reference:

    As you can see, the carts are not fancy, in fact, the one we want to portray is rickety and old. These old carts are not going to have anything in the way of a suspension so the ride is likely to be a bit of a bumpy one. The sounds of wood creaking, wheels running over each surface occasionally hitting small potholes and bumps, metal latches straining, and any other detail you can include would help to bring that realistic, immersive angle we’re looking for. There are no objects in the cart and no driver so we want to focus on just the sounds the actual cart makes. The only other aspect to this soundscape that would be a good fit to include would be the horse drawing the cart. Thus, the sounds of its hooves on the surface, a horse grunt or two, and other normal horse sounds would be wonderful. Please avoid creating a 15 second loop and running it for a minute as a fully fleshed out track is infinitely more appealing.

    Track 1: Cobble Paved Road (Track should run for 1 minute at least, longer tracks are welcomed but not required) – The wagon is going to be rolling over a classic medieval cobble paved road. Remember, since this cart doesn’t have any shocks or suspension, we’re likely going to feel every inch of this road which aren’t known for their smoothness. Moreover, such roads are often moderately maintained at best.

    Track 2: Grassy Plains (Track should run for 1 minute at least, longer tracks are welcomed but not required) – Going a bit off road, the wagon is going to run over gentle grasslands. Although the ride is likely going to be a bit smoother in terms of going over grass instead of stones, untamed grasslands are not going to be as consistent as a street so bumps, mounds, and such are likely to be the norm. Special note for this track, we want a separate layer which will include the sounds of flies buzzing around the heads of the listeners as well as the sounds of cicadas from outside the wagon. For both sound effects, please be sure not to include oversampling of the same clips. Let’s keep the sounds realistic in variation. For audition purposes, only the fully mixed track need be uploaded for consideration. Upon delivery, we will ask for two versions of this track, one with the flies and cicadas and one version without.

    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.
    If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it, don’t be shy.


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