Male Voice Over for a demo FPS Game Project

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    I am working on an open source First Person Shooter game as part of my online course with the School of Video Game Audio based in Vancouver, Canada. As part of this assignment, I will be required to record some original voice overs that will be triggered at different points in the gameplay. The most interesting snippets of the gameplay will be put together in a highly professional demo reel that will feature the voice over as an integral part of the audio production alongside music and sound design.

    The ideal voice over artist must have a deep commanding voice that sounds like a veteran special agent. A lot of grit and force yet in control even in times of crisis. The gameplay involves a lot of killing and use of ammunition. So while the guns and monsters make all the noise, the player should exhibit controlled aggression since he needs to be alert and focussed on the mission at any cost.

    For instance, a few sample lines that will be triggered at the time of killing monsters would be as follows -

    1. Die! You little piece of Goblin
    2. (sniff) this place stinks
    3. I smell some monsters
    4. Arghh! (and similar expressions to denote player hurt, jump or other quick physical movements)

    A detailed spreadsheet with all the lines and description will be mailed to the chosen candidate.

    Please note that although this is a demo reel, the objective is to showcase highest possible benchmarks in audio production and voice overs are a very important component.

  • Artist Credits

    'Special Thanks and Character Voice Over by - ...............' Credits will be mentioned in the demo reel video which will be circulated to a lot of gaming companies, particularly in Canada. I will be glad to include contact details and website or professional links as well.

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