Corporate Voice Mail Greetings

By: IntelliTime

Gig Status: Closed

Time left:None
Prize: $25 Quasi-Professional
License: Buyout
Prize: $25
Gig Rating: Quasi-Professional
  • Gig Description

    We are looking for a female, friendly and upbeat voice to narrate our voice mail greetings. The scripts are included below:

    (Main Greeting)

    Thank you for calling IntelliTime Systems Corporation. If you know your parties extension you may dial it at any time or wait for the menu selections.

    For Sales press one.

    For world class customer support press two.

    To dial your party by name press three.

    To hear our mailing address press four.

    To speak to an attendant press zero.

    (Separate Greeting)

    Our mailing address is 1118 East Seventeenth Street, Santa Ana, California 92701


    To audition, please include both scripts. The final deliverable will be two WAV files, one with the main greeting and one with the separate greeting.

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