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Prize: $275
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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    This Gig aims to give a little bit of attention to the supporting cast of the fantasy gaming world. We'd like the following short script reads from providers of transportation services, those ships captains taking on more than just cargo, those carriage business owners, those wizards providing instant travel from place to place. More than running a business, these folks are visionaries in their time, able to gauge the risk of running these enterprises in unsure times, frequenting with clients who may wield earth shaking power or abilities. When players need to cross thousands of miles through hostile lands, brave the merciless seas, or even to cross the very planes of existence, it’s often these vendors who hold the keys, and they know it.

    We are seeking reads on four scripts, roughly, but not limited to, 20 seconds in length each. Please note that character voice range is critical between each script, let’s hear a voice that’s keyed to that particular character.

    We are going to do something different with this audition and we think it will help talent become more comfortable with the reading material and inspire creativity. We will be writing two scripts here which only serve as a potential starting point. The artist is welcomed to modify the script to their liking as long as the backdrop for that script is retained. The other two scripts will only include a backdrop and some potential key words taken from the fantasy world. Including the key words are not mandatory. We want artists to have some fun and flesh out a unique character that fits into the backdrop. If you need some help or have questions regarding how to approach your script, do not hesitate to reach out.

    - Final deliverable will be to read 4 scripts with at least one character take of each script, roughly 20 seconds in length each
    - Men and woman voice overs welcome.
    - Some interesting background noise indicative of the backdrop could be interesting. This is not required.
    - You can follow the script, modify it, or make your own as long as the same ‘energy’ and backdrop is followed. Be a part of the creative process, dive into the character and send us a message through Audio Catch if you have questions.
    - Avoid using specifics such as character names, company names, etc. These scripts need to be able to be used more than once in a game and across many other games.

    Script 1
    Backdrop – A ship’s captain always open to make some extra coin ferrying more than just cargo from one port to another. Ideally, we’d like to have Geoffrey Rush’s portrayal of Captain Barbossa from the movies Pirates of the Caribbean to be our ship’s captain here. A confident, cunning, and scheming man/woman, he or she (a female Barbossa would be extremely interesting) is always on the lookout for a lucrative opportunity. Renown as a legendary swordsman/swordswoman, a loyal crew, and a tried and true vessel, the captain is confident whatever deal is struck with the players, will benefit him/her, one way or another…

    "If it’s passage ya’ll be seekin’, it won’t be comfortable…or cheap. Hmmm…if I were so inclined to acquiesce to your request, I be expectin’ payment up front and for ye to be followin’ me orders should the sea god seek to feed his children. Bring your weapons and be parted from your heavy armor, it won’t do ye much good. There be monsters out there far bigger and far hungrier than there be on land and should they bring you into the drink, you’ll find it hard to swim back to the ship in full sail.”

    Script 2
    Backdrop – A wizard of quite some power, he/she is able to instantly transport players thousands of miles or even to jump from one plane of existence to another. Intelligent, focused, and extremely busy in their wizard tower, the wizard seeks to get the players going to where they wish to be as expediently as possible, all while covering his/her bases.

    “Greetings, greetings, I am so pleased to see you, how are you – OK, wonderful, small talk has been concluded; let’s get to business. Do you seek teleportation, enhanced self-propulsion, or trans-dimensional travel? Please note that any spell which requires my presence to the destination excludes my participation in combat, negotiations, and/or interspecies hybridization. Roundtrips cost double, please write your truenames, here, here, and here.”

    Script 3
    Backdrop – Well kept, well-staffed, and busy with business, these stables feature fine horses for hire or sale. Allowing people to ‘rent’ horses for a time, this enterprising commoner has family spread all over the kingdom, making traveling from city to city for those who don’t wish to own and care for horses cheap and easy. These horses are his/her livelihood, so although the owner is generally pleasant and polite, he/she can’t help but be a bit overly protective over the horses.

    Backdrop, insights, and potential keywords
    The stables are large, full of horses, stable boys, and potential clients. Any artist who knows anything of the equestrian field, know about horses, their attributes, how to pitch or sell one is likely going to really shine here.

    Script 4
    Backdrop: For those who need to travel quick and with a heck of a lot of flare, there’s always the zeppelin or airship. An air captain with zest and flare, he/she is a swashbuckling adventurer through and through, happy to sign on an interesting set of passengers, the more exotic their nature and destination, the better. Lighthearted, merry, and a keen eye for glory, this captain can be paid in equal parts treasure and adventure. Just don’t ever, EVER, call the vessel a blimp…

    Backdrop, insights, and potential keywords
    The scene can be in a bar, a sky dock, or anywhere public with a high level of energy. As tempting as it is, try to avoid naming the ship since again, we need this piece to be used multiple times. The captain might make a comparision between his/her ship and some fantasy creature exemplifying mastery of the sky such as a dragon, a roc (think colossal eagle), or angel.

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