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Prize: $150
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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    In pretty much any fantasy game with paladin, clerics, and druids, you're going to have folks that can mend wounds, regrow limbs, and even, bring the dead back to life. It's time we give 'voice' to these curative spells and using the awesome creativity of artists here, a little bit of character.

    We would like to provide gamers with at least six audio tracks (1 of each) that can be played highlighting the sounds of different types of spells being casted. If more than one audition will be given for a spell, we would love to hear some creative license. There is no ideal track length but each track length should not be longer than 5 seconds. Let’s aim for a 3 second spell but don’t truncate lingering spell sounds. The exception for the length of time is “Regeneration” and “Raise Dead”, read on. For example, if the spell was “Lightning Bolt”, the wind up and discharge can take 3 seconds and the rolling thundering and rumble on for another couple. Tracks must provide a rich, high definition canvas for the sound effect. Nothing extra is needed, meaning no music, no extra sound effects (screaming, incantations, etc) or voiceovers, just some well-crafted, precise, and above all, realistic sounds.
    We are looking for six of the most iconic spells used:

    Light Curative - The caster heals small battle injuries such as broken ribs, 3 inch gashes, and arrow puncture wounds.

    Medium Curative – Similar to Light but taken one step further, healing broken bones, cuts to the bone, and spear wounds.

    Heavy Curative – Similar to Medium but taken one step further, healing shattered limbs, flayed limbs, and full pass through injuries.

    Restoration – Focusing on the mind and soul, this form of magic replenishes a person’s vitae including things like fatigue, illness, paralysis, and replenishing one’s soul.

    Regeneration – An extremely powerful spell, the caster aims to regrow a completely severed limb from nothing. This track should showcase the power of this spell and not be less than 6 seconds in length.

    Raise Dead – The penultimate display of benevolent power, the caster seeks nothing less than to restore the life of someone who has died. Piercing the veil of death and bringing back the soul of a dearly departed conjures the vision of the heavens parting, angelic droning, earth shaking, etc. In essence folks, we need the sound of a miracle occurring. This track should not be less than 18 seconds.

    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.

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    Artist will be credited with the creation of the track(s)

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