OCGG Realmsound - Fantasy Gaming - Desert Soundscape

By: OCGGroup

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Prize: $150 Quasi-Professional
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Prize: $150
Gig Rating: Quasi-Professional
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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    This Gig is for an environmental soundscape or in non-OCGG terms, a soundscape featuring a specific environment. In this case, a desert. Not a chaparral, not a shrub land, we’re talking Sahara Desert.

    So what’s an environmental soundscape? Well, we would like to provide gamers with two audio tracks that can be played highlighting the sounds of being deep within a desert, no music, no footsteps, only the sounds of the desert is what we’re after. Tracks must be able to loop cleanly and provide a rich, high definition canvas for the environment being featured. A challenge here is to make each track somewhat general, able to be used in a multitude of situations. For example, if you include the sounds of a huge sand dune crashing down, use of this track would be limited to too few situations where such a thing occurs, that’s too narrow a range so let’s avoid that as much as possible.
    We are looking for two flavors for this soundscape:

    • Day (Not less than 2 minutes) – The sounds of being miles deep within a vast desert during the daylight hours. The wind blowing over an endless wasteland, the sounds of stinging sand being blown onto the listener, a lone desert bird calling over the searing landscape, a distant pack of camels, these are just some ideas of what we’re looking for. In addition, we want a slight spark of fantasy here. Nothing necessarily ominous, foreboding, or over the top but just a little something that will separate this track for the zillions of generic ‘Sounds of Nature’ CD’s out there. A strange bird call? A very distant but non-threatening howl or roar? The unnatural movement of a sand dune? Any of these are good candidates.

    • Night (Not less than 1 minute) – The same as the above but at night. Crickets, snakes, a distant howl of jackals or other mammals, or any other desert animals that your research turns up move about and make noises at night (honestly, we’re a bit at a loss here). Same minor hint of fantasy is asked for.

    In all cases, direction will be provided if a good angle is being pursued, do NOT be shy to ask for direction, we want to be very clear that we don’t want these tracks to be just another meditation ‘Sounds of Nature’ CD.

    To audition, please have at least 1 of the 2 tracks.


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    Winning artist will be credited with the creation of the track(s)

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