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Prize: $150
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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    This Gig is for a ‘monsterscape’ or in non-OCGG terms, a soundscape featuring a specific creature. In this case, the creature is the iconic goblin. In most fantasy settings, these humanoid roaches are short, vicious, filthy, cowardly, and wholly evil.
    So what’s a monster soundscape? Well, we would like to provide gamers with two audio tracks that can be played highlighting the sounds this monster makes in close proximity. Tracks must be able to loop cleanly and provide a rich, high definition canvas for the creature being featured. A challenge here is to make each track somewhat general, able to be used in a multitude of situations. For example, if you include the sounds of an armor plated warrior rushing headlong towards a group of goblins, only to be peppered by arrows, use of this track would be limited to situations where an armor clad warrior cling-clangs her way towards oblivion, that’s too narrow a range so let’s avoid that as much as possible.

    A good starting illustration of goblins can be found in The Lord of the Rings scene when the fellowship is in Moria and hoards of goblins scurry from the walls and ceiling before the Balrog approaches. A great primer for goblins can be found here ( Another great resource can be found here (

    As far as speech, Goblins have their own tongue which The Lord of the Rings does well to illustrate. High pitched, chaotic, and squeal-filled, it is hard to differentiate the difference between goblin random yelling and a conversation. Hissing and hard consonants are likely to be common but keep in mind that this is not a Goblin Language Gig, this is only to provide some insight for those artists that wish to include Goblin ‘speech’ in the tracks.
    We are looking for two flavors for this monsterscape:

    • Goblin Warren (Not less than a minute in length): A vast, unending pigpen would be an upgrade to a goblin warren. Utterly filthy, there is no distinction between bathroom, bedroom, and dining room within these vast underground complexes. In any given room, one would see goblins fornicating in mass next to a group murdering a helpless fellow. There is no privacy, no laws outside what the current chieftain commands. All sorts of sounds can be heard here including violence, shrieky screaming, celebration, falling ‘furniture’, and so on. A requirement here is a non-stop track, there is always noises of some kind or another going on. An occasional goblin(s) yelling in the background can help to add a more chaotic element to it.

    • Combat (Not less than a minute in length) – Although cowardly, goblins do fight, especially when they grossly outnumber their foes. Let’s hear a large group (2 dozen +) of goblins throw themselves into combat, hacking, slashing, and shrieking their way as they attack and flee in constant chaos. Typically armed with scavenged weapons and armor, it would not be out of place to hear some ringing of small steel as well as gnashing of teeth. Unlike other monsterscapes, feel free to include, among the chaos, the sounds of goblins dying, yelping gurgles and the like as goblins are typically weak and fairly easily slain. Again, the Lord of the Rings movies have some great scenes for inspiration. No other context is needed so we don’t need to hear humans dying, church bells ringing or anything else, we just want this to illustrate a large band of goblins in combat, the Game Master will add any additional context outside of this track as needed.

    In all cases, direction will be provided if a good angle is being pursued, do NOT be shy to ask for direction, we know these creatures VERY well and will work to refine promising entries.
    To audition, both tracks must be provided to be considered.

    Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.


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