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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    This Gig aims to give a little bit of attention to the supporting cast of the fantasy gaming world. We'd like the following short script reads from barkeepers and tavern owners, those purveyors of ales, wine, and exotic drinks from around the world. More than serving up elven wines, orc grog, and dwarven stout, the tavern is a likely place to tap into the rumor mill of a city or town and glean other useful tidbits that often set the stage for grand adventures. By their very nature, tavern owners tend to be people persons, able to earn the trust of their customers and gain from them valuable knowledge which they may sell later when their clients are deep in the bottle. Whether it’s an ancient map to a lost dungeon that a wanderer once left at the tavern or a rare bottle of orcish fury water, it’s rare when a barkeep can’t turn up a surprise or two.

    We are seeking reads on four scripts, roughly, but not limited to, 20 seconds in length each. Please note that character voice range is critical between each script, let’s hear a voice that’s keyed to that particular character.

    We are going to do something different with this audition and we think it will help talent become more comfortable with the reading material and inspire creativity. We will be writing two scripts here which only serve as a potential starting point. The artist is welcomed to modify the script to their liking as long as the backdrop for that script is retained. The other two scripts will only include a backdrop and some potential key words taken from the fantasy world. Including the key words are not mandatory. We want artists to have some fun and flesh out a unique character that fits into the backdrop. If you need some help or have questions regarding how to approach your script, do not hesitate to reach out.

    - Final deliverable will be to read 4 scripts with at least one character take of each script, roughly 20 seconds in length each
    - Men and woman voice overs welcome.
    - Some interesting background noise indicative of the backdrop could be interesting. This is not required.
    - You can follow the script, modify it, or make your own as long as the same ‘energy’ and backdrop is followed. Be a part of the creative process, dive into the character and send us a message through Audio Catch if you have questions.

    Script 1
    Backdrop – The standard backdrop for a fantasy tavern. The owner is middle aged and commonly caters to both a loyal group of regulars and all manner of strangers from all sorts of races including gnomes, dwarfs, half-orcs and even the occasional exotic creature. He/She commonly carries a wide assortment of ales, spirits, and wines in addition to the rare Elven or Halfling brew that only the most successful of adventurers would have the money to afford. Friendly and entrepreneurial, this tavern owner is most welcoming and does well to maintain the good name of his/her establishment which is reasonably clean, well-staffed, and maintains some form of entertainment.

    "Greetings friend! Have a seat and tell me what sweet nectar of relaxation I can get for you. My father used to say, a body, like a sword, needs a bit of cleansing every now and again and I know I have just the stuff for you. What would it be, a blond ale, a sweet mead, a dry wine or do you prefer more exotic fare? I-I’m sure I can dig up a bottle of dwarven, elven, or some-such drink around here somewhere. If mortals brew it, I just might have it!”

    Script 2
    Backdrop – A high-end tavern, this place is the finest of the fine, reserved for the rich, the powerful or the extremely well connected (think Disneyland’s Club 33). So top tier, this place serves only the most rare and expensive drinks the world has to offer and they commonly have a hint of magic to them. The proprietor likely has the finest protection that money can offer and given his/her list of clientele, he/she is likely the height of arrogance. Likely powerful or exceedingly wealthy him/herself, the owner is all too happy to turn around self-important client out on the street.

    “Surely you do not wish to sully this establishment with your patronage. If so, I can assure you that’s quite impossible for we only cater to great kings, legendary warriors, and powerful extra-planar beings. Elven Moondew, Orcish Dead-King Grog, Dwarf Dragonfire, and Angel’s Ambrosia are but some of our vintages that cost more than your lives – a thousand fold.”

    Script 3
    Backdrop – Dingy, filthy, dilapidated, shady… these are just a few descriptive words used to describe this preverbal ‘hole in the wall’ tavern. You either have to be a very poor or very crazy to come into this place for a drink since you are more likely to wind up stabbed, poisoned, robbed, or worse. The tavern owner is a reflection of his/her establishment, crude, unwashed, ugly, bitter, and slimy, you can’t help but think that this tavern owner is already pricing out your organs when he/she looks at you. It doesn’t help that this tavern is likely frequented by goblins, kobolds, and other undesirables.

    Backdrop, insights, and potential keywords
    The owner knows that the people coming here are likely not interested in the food or drink so he/she tries to get to know what the clients are after and how best to make money off them.
    No fine drinks here, grogs, skunk beer, watered down, cheap liquor, etc are par for the course
    Owner likely wary of the local constabulary or city watch and might suspect new patrons
    Owner a likely illegal fence and source of underworld activity
    Tavern a likely hangout for thieves, rogues, half-orcs, goblins, kobolds, and all manner of evil spellcasters

    Script 4
    Backdrop: Part gambling hall, part tavern, patrons come from all walks of life. This is a place to spend some serious coin and the tavern owner isn’t rude but he/she doesn’t want to waste their time on patrons not ready to part with a good deal of money. Offering fine ales, mead, wines, spirits of all sorts and varieties (get creative!) patrons can also spend money on the various games of chance, shows, and even companionship. The owner is overly friendly to those who seem to have the means to spend money freely and will work to quickly be your new best friend, promising patrons the world if only they would part with some gold. An entrepreneur through and through, the tavern owner takes care not to lie or promise too much as doing so would hurt their ‘brand’.

    Backdrop, insights, and potential keywords
    Games of Chance – Dice, cards, (feel free to make up some creative game names)
    Other things to bet on – Gladiatorial games, chariot/horse races, arm wrestling, sport events (feel free to make up some creative sports names)
    Potential Drinks – Dwarf Irongut Lager, Dwarven Gem Wine, Elven Mead, Elven Skytear Wine, Gnome Honeysuckle Ale, Gnome Golddust Frozen Ale, Halfling Acorn Beer, Halfling Furryfoot Triple-Distilled Sparkling Beer

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