OCGG Realmsound - Fantasy Gaming - Giants on the War March

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Prize: $500
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    The Orange County Gaming Group, having successfully concluded a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is firing on all cylinders to source the best custom made fantasy audio this world has ever heard. The winning track will be given to the recent backers of the Realmsound Project Kickstarter and added as a track to the fantasy soundboard in development. For more information, please visit

    This track will be, in OCGG terms, an Actual track or as it’s known in the industry, a source track. A good deal of thought needs to be taken for this audition as this piece is meant to be one that a listener would hear as an army of giants take the field to march towards battle. A bit of leeway can be taken to accent a bit of the source track (maybe 80% source, 20% score) but the listener needs to believe that they are hearing the music played by neigh unstoppable army of giants before them.
    Now for what we’re looking for.

    It does not happen often, perhaps once an age, but when a large army of giants come together to march towards war, it is always for a world changing purpose. Not as populous as humans, an ‘army’ of giants can consist of only several hundred individuals so we’re not looking at an endless hoard of say, orcs. However, outside of godly intervention, nothing can stand in the way of such an army. An exemplification of raw, unbridled brute force, fortresses, kingdoms, and entire countries can and will be swept away from an army of giants.

    In order to allow Game Masters to use this track in a variety of situations, we are going to go with a very generic incarnation of a Giant insofar as we are only going to take into account their size and incredible might. The intended scenes are players witnessing the army pass by, being a part of such an army, and/or standing at some castle wall, watching the army approach them.
    Although there are many types with different alignments and societies, we’d like go with simply a large group of these juggernauts marching to war. With that said, giants are simply very large humans (9 to 30 feet tall) but typically not as intelligent or technologically advanced. They are unlikely to wear full suits of plate mail armor but will likely have a hodgepodge of metallic and leather armor. The same goes with their weapons. A vast majority of giants will likely wield massive clubs into battle but it is not entirely out of place to have several employing titanic swords.

    Since this is mostly a source piece of music, it is highly likely that the track is going to be dominated by ponderous and powerful drums. This can be further pursued by hearing the giants rhythmically strike the ground with otherworldly force, creating mini earthquakes to both keep harmony with their vocals and scare the tar out of their opponents. Deep brasses can be added as either source or score to add a sense of scale and grandness to the scene as the players are witnessing something that few mortals will ever see. Combining a sense of primitive natures and power will likely come from very deep, very powerful male vocals. As far as speech, Giants have their own unique language using guttural, heavy “O” and “U” sounding words characterized by their simplicity. Their voices are deep so get some bass for any vocal work that you’ll have. Now, careful not to make the vocal work too awkward. Giants are really big humans in many ways so their mouth structure is the same as ours.

    The following tracks have been identified as providing a good basis for inspiration into the feel, energy, and direction this track requires. Please note that there will be no tolerance for stolen work, so make sure that submitted auditions are original compositions and that you have 100% rights to use and sell any samples or loops you embed.

    Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries – Twilight of the Gods
    Finding examples of Giant source music has been almost impossible so I’m going to be digging WAY into the past here from one of my all-time favorite video game OST tracks. Although purely underscore, this track has some of that ponderous deep drums that make 100 ton fighting mechs jump out to the listener. The use of brass here adds to that sense of grandness, underpinning the use of the drums giving the listener a feel for larger than life monsters marching into destiny. Naturally, all of the ‘metallic’, ‘futuristic’, ‘synthesized’ instruments need to be stripped out to apply to this Gig but the deep vocals (which could use a giant bent to it) that we hear towards the end of the track is a wonderful addition.

    Future World Music – Aqua Vitae
    One of my favorite pieces of music of all time, this is a bit of an unusual piece to reference for this Gig. As beautiful as the strings are here, it’s quite out of place for a piece that requires source music and giants. However, I would like to draw the artist’s attention to 1:42 and beyond. The deep brass along with the drums creates one of the best awe-inspiring musical moments I’ve ever heard and with deep, male giant vocals instead of the female vocals, chanting something foreboding in Giant in harmony could be magical here as we witness giants readying for an apocalyptic confrontation.

    Battle The Heavens
    Great use of drums with the dramatic, awe-inspiring energy that we’re looking for. Like all other pieces, this is all underscore and not source but here we capture the raw power of a mass of giants marching towards some destiny shaping moment that will change the world.

    Last March of the Ents
    Although not a musical reference, the scene here starting from 2:14 gives a sense to what we’re looking for. A hundred or so titans of raw strength marching upon an opponent.

    The track must be no less than 2:30 in length. We acknowledge that we’re asking for A LOT from all of you. If you have any questions, please shoot us over a message through Audio Catch, we’ll try to answer all of it. We can’t wait to hear how you bring this nether realm to life! Good luck!!!


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